Dishjet Liquid Heavy Duty

The Minky Dishjet Liquid is a must have cleaning accessory. The combination of the fillable handle and double scrubbing power will help you to have clean dishes in no time!
  • Easy to fill handle
  • Replaceable head for long lasting performance
  • Made from premium quality foam and tough fibres
  • Heavy duty scrubbing power
  • Designed to cut through grease and grime and tackle hard to reach areas

The Minky Dishjet Liquid is the ideal cleaning tool. The long thin handle is perfect for reaching into cups and glasses and can be filled with washing up liquid to cut down on time spent cleaning dishes. The heavy duty scourer enables burnt on food and grease to be easily removed whilst the scrubbing brush provides strong scouring power to remove even the toughest of food stains. The easy to use clip allows different refill heads to be fitted so the wash pad can be changed regularly. To change your Dishjet Liquid Refill, simply push down on the clip on the underside of the handle and slide off. Then, slide on the new refill until it clicks into place. Say goodbye to unpleasant smelling wash pads!