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The answer is probably not what you want to hear. Surprisingly, people's perceptions of cleanliness can change as they go about their daily routines: some wear something once then feel the need to wash it, others wear it five times before washing it. Everyone’s cleaning frequency varies but cleaning your house requires some standards, if only for health reasons. Are you ready to find out whether you’ve been inviting unnecessary germs and bacteria into your home?

Ever wondered about the cleaning frequency of certain items in your home?”

 Have you ever looked at something on the counter or in a cabinet and it looked clean so you just left it out of the cleaning schedule that week? Here’s what you don’t know, if you looked under a microscope at what lives on your surfaces, your skin would crawl: Tiny bacteria, viruses, soil, fungi, bacteria, animal dander, pollen, sweat, excretion, and skin cells regularly invade every corner of your house. How clean something is doesn’t matter if it only gets cleaned once in a while. You’ll be shocked to know how regularly you should be washing or disinfecting certain items in your home.

Here is a cleaning frequency guide for our inner germaphobes:

Here’s how often you should…

  1. Clean your bed sheets

Cleaning frequency: once a week or two at most.

Most of the bacteria on sheets are environmental (such as dust). However, bacteria, fungi, and dirt, and oils you shed during sleep can stick to your sheets and skin and cause acne and dandruff. Keep your bed clean by changing your sheets at least once a week and washing them in hot water.

  1. Vacuum your rugs and mats

Cleaning frequency: one to two weeks.

To keep dust, dirt, and allergens from accumulating, rugs should be vacuumed every week (more frequently if you have pets). 

  1. Wash your floors

Cleaning frequency: once to two weeks.

Floors should be steamed or washed every two weeks. Due to the spread of food bacteria on kitchen floors, you might want to clean them a little more often.

  1. Clean the bathroom

Cleaning frequency: minimum once a week

The bathroom is a bacterium breeding ground; E.coli bacteria can be found just six feet away from the toilet and in the sink. Make sure you disinfect your toilet and sink at least once a week, and the bathtub at least once every two weeks - more often if you take frequent showers. In some cases, mildew can irritate the skin, eyes and throat if shower curtains are not properly disinfected.

  1. Change your towels

Cleaning frequency: every day

It’s important to note that bath towels that stay in the bathroom are more susceptible to bacteria (including faecal) when they do not dry fully. This bacteria is a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Experts recommend changing bath towels every 2nd day to avoid fungus causing issues such as dandruff.

  1. Clean your doorknobs

Cleaning frequency: weekly

Despite doorknobs accumulating a lot of bacteria, they only need to be cleaned occasionally. It may be a better idea to disinfect bathroom and kitchen doorknobs at least once a week, particularly if anyone in the house is sick.

  1. Disinfect your sink

Cleaning frequency: Every day

While they might look clean, sinks can get pretty gross over time - the bottom of a sink can accumulate faeces (from washing hands) after you use the bathroom. Similarly, bacteria from food, such as E.coli and Salmonella, can contaminate the kitchen sink, especially if you handled raw meat. In addition to being contaminated, your hands are contaminated as well when water splashes back upon you. Be sure to wipe down your sinks daily.

  1. Replace your dishwashing sponges

Cleaning frequency: weekly

Your kitchen sponges are more likely to accumulate an increased amount of germs. To ensure that these sponges are cleaned and disinfected effectively - every couple of days, place them in boiling water for 2 minutes, microwave them for 2 minutes while damp, and replace them when they deteriorate. 

  1. Clean your washing machine

Cleaning frequency: once a week

Yes, you read right. Washing your clothes does not mean they wash itself as well. You can clean your machines by running an empty cycle at least once a week.

  1. Clean your toilet

Cleaning frequency: once a week – daily

Cleaning your toilet and bathroom once a week is fine, but we recommend wiping around the seat, handle, and bowl daily. And not forgetting to clean your toilet brush regularly and replaced every 6 months.

There are many more items in your home that need love more regularly but it’s important to avoid thinking of cleaning and disinfecting it as an inconvenience but rather a health precaution.

For a good cleaning calendar, check out good housekeeping.

You'll be shocked to know the cleaning frequency of some of these items in your home.

 When temperatures in the home are normal, how long are bacteria and viruses likely to live on surfaces?

It's no secret that microbes are everywhere. The skin alone harbours about 100,000 bacteria per square centimetre. Viruses and bacteria infest small droplets that are sprayed upwards of 3 feet when someone sneezes. Furthermore, moisture levels make a difference; bacteria and viruses cannot live on dry surfaces with humidity levels under 10 percent. Nutrients, such as food particles, skin cells, blood, and mucous, provide a breeding ground for microorganisms, which is why a sponge in the kitchen is a breeding place for them. The home and the items and spaces you use can be contaminated by various types of germs, diseases, and bacteria. Ideal response breaks down each bacteria and virus and how long it can survive outside the body.

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